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cover your eyes

and figure this one out.

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video assignment pre set

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nobody minds an update.

So let’s be honest for a second here; I fail at keeping this up to date properly. OBVIOUSLY! But today i’m making a gigantic effort and will talk about a bit of what i’ve been doing lately (oh you curious bunch!)/ my excuse for not being so much of a geeky kid like humuhmnum, you.

As many know, Spring break just ended a few days ago, sending all immature college kids back to their class rooms and weekly schedule. And of course, here comes the inevitable and well anticipated question, the “so what did you do during break?” / what did you do for ten days of nothing! i’m sure lots of you almost died of boredom. Admit it, it’s okay.

As for me, i flew up to New York city and stayed in a small hotel between Little italie and chinatown. My mom had flew in as well, all the way from home (pariiis, fr) and met me there. As you probably have understand it by know, it was a somewhat of mother/daughter vacation (Cute, isn’t it!). We visited tons of museums and galleries and stopped to sketch and take pictures. Which brings me to this up loads, a few sneak peaks of my drawings AND a link to my picturesss (you’re being sooo spoiled today!)

More stuff lataaa.

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Magazine creation & Article layout

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photo retouch#2

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on the way to lazy cloud

As I have more than a simple two seconds to breath and let my desires freely decide on what to do with this rare and precious limited free time that I have, I figured I could finally talk a bit about my latest discoveries in drawing/digital graphic art. (see how dedicated i am being right now! geeez)

So first of all, in honor to my beloved compatriots, I’d like to start by naming/ stongly recommanding you to check an amazingly mind-blowing French artist! (plus other european cousin)

1. Mc Bess – THIS GUY! an incredible illustrator/director born in France, but currently living in London; his work is some kind of an old cartoon looking master piece, reactualized with more contemporary shapes, symbols and types. Most of his drawing represent himself at the very center of a surrealistic universe filled with moving plants, monster-like animals and dead meat foods. He also inserts some of his musical references via amps, guitars, records, and made-up videos of his band “The Dead Pirates”.  – A MUST see! –   Not to mention, he also has a funny accent for you Americans to listen to!

2. Krzystof Domaradzki / The Other Me / Kxx – Born in Poland, he’s a well accomplished and bright designer, working with his business partner/ his wife. His style is a combination of traditional drawing (paper pencil) and digital (yay modern times!); a mix of two distinguished types of art that seem to be working wonderfully well together nowadays! And Kxx proves it.

Now back to ya Americans:

3. James Jean – Born in Taiwan, he studied at The Schol of Visual Arts in New York, NY and is now an illustrator living in LA. He skillfully plays with lines and colors, paint and glued paper, giving some kind of unfishined look to most of his  paintings. His sketches are outstanding, marked by very detailed and expressive overlapping drawings, making a sort of confusing nonsense, yet still comprehensible. Totally worth the watch!

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