Animals eat plants, so, ultimately, we are all grass, pretty much.

I’m finally writing my International Commodore Boutique review; f-i-n-a-l-l-y! seven days laterrrr. The reason for that is I confront lots of trouble when it comes to putting my thoughts into words. Mainly because english isn’t my native language (hence, my odd english!), but also because i feel quite uncomfortable when i want/ am asked to expressed my opinion. YES, i lack of that much self confidence! Deal with it; I’m not gonna blahblah too much about this now!
So a few weeks ago, we (fun digi students) had the chance meet three local professionals from the creative industry. Two boys and one girl who presented their freelance company while providing an intimate glimpse of their career pathway and various working methodes.

Brennan Crick is a graphic designer who founded his own clothing brand; International Rebel Club. The most important advise he wanted us to remember was to always move forward and ameliorate your skills, no matter how many sleeping hours you have to sacrifice. Life is a continuous process after all.
Jeff Ward is the founder and owner of the brand Commodore, and now works as a freelance graphic designer as well.  He presented a more chaotic and, what seemed to me to be a more realistic version of a artist’s career. The use and benefits of networking was his most common way out; to spread his brand and name, but also learn and improve from freedbacks and advises.
Nichole Woods created Poshe Boutique and now works in fashion as a personal stylist. Appearance being a major element in her job, she made us understand the importance of presentation and first impression, and how nothing we do must be neglected.

Overall, each and every one of us got the chance to learn lessons from different individuals already present in the profesional artistic field; something to think about during our upcoming college years.
For those who encounter difficulties understanding my english; those presentations are pretty similar to these: (this is a must watch for photo lovers btw!)

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